Leadership is a vast subject. People do talk about it more and more as it is taking a vital role in everyone's life progress, not only at careers, but in a life progress. 

You must have been already applying it with your family, your colleagues at work, with friends, in your business, with your co-workers, at your voluntarily tasks and with your self too. Why? 
Because it is how we interact and how we sound when dealing with others, makes or breaks our relationships. If we apply the generic acceptable good shades of leadership, we are more likely to achieve better outcomes, more fruitful results and long-lasting results. 
But did we ever think that leadership is even haunting us more now a days, virtually? Why we need to excel online? well, for some of you maybe they are promoting their products/service online, others building a service community web page and some just having fun, right? all these require this shade of leadership  On-line leadership which I coined it as "Up-Lead".  All our interactions are increasingly tailored towards our online presence. So, naturally, we need to apply and possess those leadership virtues and do action them more thoughtfully, more cautiously too. 

Up-Lead it!
Yes, we are up in the cloud, so we better lead with passion and intelligence, or otherwise we will be dragged by the weakest wind towards mysterious and unwanted areas of our virtual life. No matter what we are doing online, there must be a leadership checklist that any NGO, any profitable organization or simply anybody to follow before we go virtual. There are many many things we still need to learn whenever we are online. For example:

  • How you can run and manage your virtual teams more effectively?
  • How you can build your personal brand online and get the right reputation that you deserve?
  • What are the ground rules you should stick to efficiently project manage the resources with your new online business?
  • How you are dealing with the huge bombarding news everyday on the net? How it is negativity or positively affecting your life? What you want to do about it?

These were just few concerns to name and I am sure you can come up with more questions. Unfortunately,  no enough "focused" attentions are given to these issues. 

Things will not be the same again
Yes, things will change. A true leader is not only flexible enough to embrace change, but takes feasible measurable steps to proactively plan the change with all its consequences. According to a recent published article on Forbes, we are expecting an influx of online users in the area of social networks. The latter will sure push many to re-do their strategies and embrace such relatively un-tapped immature market. Things will not be the same, in the very near future I would say!

What I will try in my upcoming blogs, is to write more about the eminent challenges a leader like you would face in his day-to-day online interactions.

Stay safe..Stay Up-Leading..


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